AmeriSeal & Restoration
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Services Offered

Masonry & Commercial Restoration

Being exposed to pollutants or the elements such as dirt, vehicle exhaust, wind, or hail for years can begin to deteriorate or discolor even the most beautiful buildings in our communities.  Our team of professional’s studies each building surface to ensure the proper procedures and protocols are followed to restore and preserve each project we take on.  AmeriSeal promise’s to provide only the best building surface restoration service in Northeastern Ohio.

brick & stone restoration

The mortar in your brick and stones can begin wearing away over time due to age, neglect, moisture and pollutants. Don’t wait until your building starts falling apart; preventative maintenance can go a long way in helping your building structure stand strong for years to come.

restoration CONSULTATION 

Our team's knowledge of design, method and history of construction can help you come up with the right solutions to your masonry problems. We can advise you on stabilizing, encapsulation, sealing, and waterproofing structures of brick, block and stone.


Even though concrete is the most durable building material ever made by man, it does begin to deteriorate over time. AmeriSeal & Restoration offers a line of products that will help restore and prevent any further damage your existing concrete may already have sustained.

Historic Restoration & PRESERVATION

AmeriSeal & Restoration specializes in Historic Restoration brick and stone repair projects. Our team can help assist in matching and blending in stone to ensure it the originality is kept during the project.


Certified in all the latest technologies, our team provides only the finest level of work while adhering to the highest industry standards when it comes to Firestop joints. With a highly trained and experienced team, we will help you choose the design and appropriate Firestop material that best suites you project.

caulking,epoxy & sealants

Doors, widows, and joints all begin to crack overtime. Caulking is used to seal and secure your structure from air, dust, insects and water to help prevent any further damage to your building. A certified AmeriSeal team member will review every project to ensure caulking is being applied properly to not only protect your structure but also enhance the exterior appearance of your building.

building maintenance

AmeriSeal understands the processes needed to maintain Historic or Commercial structures that will play a huge role in how long that structure will stand or be around. Our team will be able to assist with brick, stone, cement repair and building cleaning to ensure it continues to remain picturesque.